Zachary Alexander Rice supports the Exceptional Ability Awards

16 Sep
Zachary Alexander Rice

Liquid Studios Entertainment Group supports the Exceptional Ability Awards. Rachel Mattila Amberson, Justin Bowles, Tara Battani, Liane Curtis, Jacqueline McKenzie, Zachary Alexander Rice, Wesley Szabo, Luke Valen, McKenzie Van Dorne-Rice

Filmmaker Joey Travolta and Los Angeles rock icons Ozomatli lead the list of honorees for the First Annual Exceptional Ability Awards.Established by writer/director Michael  C. Cooney, who was born with Cerebral Palsy, The Exceptional Ability Award is given in recognition of those who demonstrate a long-standing commitment to championing multicultural ideals, along with creative excellence. Both the award, and Mr. Cooney’s production house, Exceptional Ability Entertainment, are  committed to advancing diversity.  

Additional honorees this year include: Women of The Year: San Antonio Texas rockers, Girl In A Coma, Man of The Year: Cosmica Records founder Gilbert Gastelum, and the ground-breaking Los Angeles blues rock band Cityzen.


Zachary Alexander Rice and Auti Angel - The Push Girls

Auti Angel The Push Girls and Zachary Alexander Rice


Zachary Alexander Rice

Dave Shelton and Zachary Alexander Rice get interviewed by ICN Network at the Exceptional Ability Awards

Zachary Alexander Rice

Justin Bowles, Tara Battani, Zachary Alexander Rice, Jeffrey Breslauer

Zachary Rice and Joey Travolta

Joey Travolta and Zachary Alexander Rice








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