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Child Star Zachary Alexander Rice asks 1000’s of his fans to check out – To Hell You Ride – Comic by Lance Henriksen for Dark Horse

Zachary Alexander Rice - To Hell You Ride - Lance Henriksen

Zachary Alexander Rice asks fans to check out the new Dark Horse Comic –To Hell You Ride – A Comic by Lance Henriksen, Tom Mandrake, and Joe Maddrey

  Here is an excerpt from the child stars’ Newsletter we received today…..

Hey Everyone! Zach here.

First, I want to say “Thank You” for all the love and support.  I appreciate my fans more than I can put into words.. Thank you. thank you, thank you. I can’t believe that I have over 40,000 (Link) followers and over 13,000 Facebook (Link) fans now. 

Something really cool is coming out next week and I want to ask for your support.   My acting Idol, Lance Henriksen (Link), has created an awesome comic with 2 other cool people named Joe Maddrey (Link)  and Tom Mandrake (Link).  The Dark Horse Comic (Link) is called To Hell You Ride (Link).  

Lance showed me the amazing drawings and read me the coolest story a few months ago and I was  BLOWN AWAY. 

I’ve been counting the days until it comes out which is 12-12-12  Cool, huh?

So here is what I want to ask— Please would everyone go check out the comic HERE (Link)  and consider buying it for the holidays?  

Click the image below to go to the website:

To Hell You Ride

To Hell You Ride – by Lance Henriksen, Joseph Maddrey, Tom Mandrake

Don’t forget to “Like” the To Hell You Ride Fanpage
Facebook Fan Page
It would mean A LOT to me.
Thanks Again! 
Happy Holidays and tons of love!!

Lance Henriksen and Zachary Alexander Rice

Zachary Alexander Rice and Lance Henriksen

New Projects in the works for Zach!

Professor Creepy and the Scream Party – Television Pilot – starring Zachary Alexander Rice
Little Devils- Feature Film- Starring Zach
Snowflake and the White Gorilla- Starring Zach as Brian
Once Upon a Christmas Dream


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Tim Seeley picks Zachary Alexander Rice in fantasy casting for new NBC Show in Development – Revival

Zach’s fans are excited to hear!

Except from Hack/ Slash Website:

…..With rumors of Revival on NBC televisionwe asked you to fantasy-cast the REVIVAL TV show.  Here are your suggestions, followed up by suggestions from Revival author Tim Seeley and Revival artist Mike Norton.  Links open a Google Image Search in a new window.

Dark Horse Comics 

Rogue Pictures


Revival Comic creator, Tim Seeley, chooses Zachary Alexander Rice for the fantasy casting of his character, Cooper Hinch.

Zachary Alexander Rice - Cooper Hinch - Revival - Dark Horse Comics - Tim Seeley- Hack/Slash 

Zachary Alexander Rice as Cooper Hinch in Fantasy Casting – Hash/Slash

Cooper Hinch –  Tim Seeley’s PickZachary Alexander Rice


With rumors of Revival on NBC television, here is your chance to fantasy-cast the REVIVAL TV show.

     Dana Cypress, Martha “Em” Cypress, Ibrahaim Ramin, Wayne Cypress

    Cooper Hinch, Lester Majak, May Tao, Jamie Hettinga

    Arlene Dittman, Blaine Abel, the voice of the creepy white thing, Professor Weimar

    Mrs. Vang, Derek Hinch, Justin Hine, Randy



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